Who am I?

A historian inseparable from the Battle of Austerlitz (2nd Dec. 1805) for more than quarter of a century. Since November 1989 until recently working in the Castle of Austerlitz and The Cairn of Peace Museum, in the battlefield. The author of exhibitions dedicated to the Austerlitz Phenomenon as well as dozens of publications, studies and articles, editor and publisher of publications most of which are bound particularly to the Battle of the Three Emperors. Familiarity with the battlefield resulted in publishing the newest, up-to-date voluminous and comprehensive guidebook to the area of the battle. I offer you to get to know and experience the battlefield together with me, either through the guidebook or with me personally right in the battlefield. Let´s set out!

jaromir hanak oceneniAlso thanks to publishing the Austerlitz battlefield guidebook, which concludes a number of publications I published earlier, thanks to the results of many years of history and museum work, thanks to several decades of scientific, educational and publishing activities, thanks to successful expositions devoted to the the Battle of Austerlitz, on 6 November 2017 I was awarded the Prize of the South Moravian Region "for a work, activity or action which is a significant representation of the South Moravian Region and contributes to its good reputation".

I take this opportunity to thank all those who congratulated me to the award.

Jaromír Hanák