Who am I?

A historian inseparable from the Battle of Austerlitz (2nd Dec. 1805) for more than quarter of a century. Since November 1989 until recently working in the Castle of Austerlitz and The Cairn of Peace Museum, in the battlefield. The author of exhibitions dedicated to the Austerlitz Phenomenon as well as dozens of publications, studies and articles, editor and publisher of publications most of which are bound particularly to the Battle of the Three Emperors. Familiarity with the battlefield resulted in publishing the newest, up-to-date voluminous and comprehensive guidebook to the area of the battle. I offer you to get to know and experience the battlefield together with me, either through the guidebook or with me personally right in the battlefield. Let´s set out!

Gloire et EmpireAux approches du 2 décembre, date anniversaire de la bataille d´Austerlitz, nombreux sont ceux qui font leurs bagages pour sae rendre en République tchèque afin d´assister à la reconstitution historique annuelle. On ne peut que leuir conseiller d´emporter l´excellent guide du champ de bataille par Jaromír Hanák. Publié en plusieurs langues, dont une version française, ce livre décrit tous les lieux emblématiques de la « bataille des trois empereurs ». Les explications historiques y côtoient les recommandations de visite. Richement illustré (photos en coleur, cartes, plans, etc.), il permet de suivre les combattants pas a pas sans jamais se perdre. Très complet et absolument indispensable!

As December 2, the anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz, is getting closer, many people pack their baggage to go to the Czech Republic to attend the annual pageant. We can only advise to carry the excellent guide of the field of battle by Jaromir Hanak. Published in several languages, including a French version, this book describes all the emblematic places of the "battle of the three emperors". Historical explanations rub shoulders with visiting recommendations. Richly illustrated (color photos, maps, plans, etc.), it allows you to follow the fighters step by step without ever getting lost. Very complete and absolutely essential!