Who am I?

A historian inseparable from the Battle of Austerlitz (2nd Dec. 1805) for more than quarter of a century. Since November 1989 until recently working in the Castle of Austerlitz and The Cairn of Peace Museum, in the battlefield. The author of exhibitions dedicated to the Austerlitz Phenomenon as well as dozens of publications, studies and articles, editor and publisher of publications most of which are bound particularly to the Battle of the Three Emperors. Familiarity with the battlefield resulted in publishing the newest, up-to-date voluminous and comprehensive guidebook to the area of the battle. I offer you to get to know and experience the battlefield together with me, either through the guidebook or with me personally right in the battlefield. Let´s set out!

The Austerlitz Battlefield. A Guide to the Area of the „Battle of the Three Emperors“
The introductory part consists of chapters The Battle of Austerlitz in a nutshell * The Area of the Battle * Detailed descriptions of the course of the Battle at Individual places * Commemorative features * More than 45 illustrations, photographs, maps and plans * Navigational guides: GPS and QR codes for all significant places * Orientation * Recommended hotels and pensions, restaurants * Important contacts and other useful information. Full colour publication, 224 pgs. English, French, German, Czech edition
The uniquely laid out guide is intended for both knowledgeable readers with a permanent interest. The text provides information about the individual villages and important places on the battlefield. Each chapter also briefly portrays a given place or village, describes in detail the development of the battle there, gives a tour tip and information about commemorative features – monuments, buildings, heritage and memorable sites connected with the Battle of Austerlitz. The Guide also covers the places outside of the battlefield which played an important role in the events related to the battle.
The Guide's unique, novel and extraordinary feature – for all important places (many of which are outside of villages and in some distance from roads) are not only GPS data but also QR codes specified that will allow mobile phone owners to easily locate places of interest on the map with a QR codes reader. Quick orientation in the Guide is facilitated by a detailed register. 217 x 124 mm size, laminated carton cover, hardback. Publisher´s price CZK 399 incl. VAT+ postage.



The latest 82nd issue of a reputable French revue Gloire & Empire, focused on the history of a Napoleonic epoch, publishes brief – and very positive – annotation / revue of the guide. We publishes this unabridged both in French and English.

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On 6 November 2017 I was awarded the Prize of the South Moravian Region "for a work, activity or action which is a significant representation of the South Moravian Region and contributes to its good reputation".

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Excellent battlefield guide, Dr. Christopher Duffy
Magnificent publication, Prof. Dušan Uhlíř

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